Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Death of A Blog

That weak, uneven and faint ticking sound you hear is my blog's heartbeat. It's on life support - has been for a few months now. The novelty of blogging, for me anyway, has faded. The thrill is gone. The King is Dead. Long live the King.

A year ago blogs were a new and hip thing to do but they've been replaced by sites like Twitter and Facebook. These sites don't require as much work, provide more instant communication and promote more give and take between people. They're easier and less time consuming than blogging.

Blogging has cooled off significantly. Posts are down, comments are waaaay down (where have my fans gone?), and who really cares that I support the ban on gay marriage, that my sleep apnea has roared back, my left shoulder is killing me, my eagles are poised for a run at the Lombardi trophy, my Jake-Jake will be home in December and all the other crap I write about? All of the above can easily be tracked elsewhere or nowhere.

My blog has been a cool way for me to maintain a journal, but I find myself censoring my own writing - that just ain't right man. Most of my opinions would be considered inflammatory and my wife, correctly I might add, tells me to "tone it down." Nowadays, isn't everyone offended by something? Me? I'm offended by those who are so easily offended. This part of Americana has become very annoying. People actually sue people because they allege they have been "offended."

For example, let's look at the marriage issue in California. The fine people of our neighbor to the west voted last November on the initiative - it didn't pass. Gay organizations nationwide were outraged - protests followed. Our church was even caught in the crossfire of this debate. The bottom line - the voters in California didn't support it. Now this issue is a divisive one and it is, arguably, only topped by the ongoing abortion debate. Hot button? Check. Since the celebrity faction supports this initiative, it gains traction and ends up on the docket at the California Supreme Court where it gets voted down (again) by a vote of 6-1.

Not satisfied, more prostests take place, more name-calling, etc. Does this mean the people of California have to vote on this issue EVERY SINGLE YEAR until it passes just so the gay crowd gets their way? I'd like to write down what I really think but my computer might just begin smoking.

Starting tomorrow, I get to write for me and if my posterity cares to pull up a chair and crack open my journal in 50 years and read about my expoits, and I hope they do, they will find a candid and humorous commentary on life in the middle of the 21st century.

I have to wonder what the United States will look like in 50 years....or a 100 hundred years. Imagine for a moment if you will all of the invention that has taken place over the past 100 years. It is truly amazing: Cars, airplanes, rockets, computers, television, DVD's, air-conditioning and TIVO were all invented in the last 100 years. Advances in medicine and healthcare were made over the past century that enable us to live longer more productive lives....so we can surf the internet and ride in airplanes, rockets, and cars WHILE watching TV. Seriously, haven't we invented all there is to invent over the past 100 years?

We're all on an adventure so buckle up and enjoy the ride.

Peace. Out.

It's been fun.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Idol Update

We came in from outside to catch American Idol and see who would be in the finale. Spring/summer is here as evidenced by the mosquito population increasing. Our Army-sized Citronella candle kept the mosquitos on Alberti Court at bay, but before I lit it, I lost some blood - how else would you know it was time to light the candle? And why is it called a mosquito bite when they actually sting you? Hmmmmmmmmmnnn......

The 3 guys left standing on the show were Adam, Kris and Danny. With all the votes cast and the fact that people can vote multiple times means the best singer doesn't always win - just the most popular. Big difference.

Each contestant got to take a trip to their hometowns last week and this was shown tonight on the show. Adam grew up in San Diego and you know got his ass kicked in high school so we thought it was funny Idol took him back there....to the football field even; surely a place he never went in high school. Talk about irony.

Idol producers had this little kid from Rwanda perform on stage in a fund raising effort and now he has to go back to Rwanda? Possibly the worst tease in television history. He goes from a village with mud huts to a slick Hollywood stage, new kicks, and backup singers and dancers and then has to go BACK? If I were that kid, I'd claim political assylum and stay in the U.S.

Katy Perry perfomed in a Wonder Woman-like costume. Strange gal.

Check out her face/eyes, they remind me of Destiny's. I guess she's like the 'it' singer chick of the moment. I told wifey that I continue to be amazed at the young people who just go out and follow their dreams and KP is a good example of getting after it. Like LL Cool J sayz, "If you want to be successful at something; ask yourself these four questions: Why? Why not? Why not me? Why not now?" HOLLA

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

You Know You're Out of Shape When.....

You take 4th place in co-ed tennis at the Las Vegas Corporate Challenge.

The fact that all matches were played in one day/night was tough on me. I'm in golf shape - this requires always being nattily attired, and having an ample belly indicative of "the good life." Playing 4 tennis matches in one day (on top of already playing golf in the heat of the day)? Right now pretty much everything hurts.

The first match started at 6pm - the sun was still high in the sky and it was around 95 degrees - add another 10 degrees for being on the concrete court. After winning the first match, dizzy, I wandered over to the other side of the court wanting to vomit and just feint - I didn't care. The 2nd match started right away, then we had a nice long layoff heading into the semifinals. We got hammered in the semi-finals - too much lounging around and making wisecracks caught up with me.

By the time they had us play for 3rd place I had pretty much mailed it in. My feet were aching, my back hurt and I couldn't feel my hair.

To top it off, I managed to lose my cell phone - my tether to the outside world. My link to everything that is Keith. Alec and I sped back to the courts at 930pm and searched in the dark. I'll have to call the joint tomorrow. Stuff happens.

Home now kicking myself for losing. I hate to lose so I'll just blame it all on my partner. Nah, she was great. We had a lot of fun and I hope we play again next year. We both need to work on some things so it will be fun to see our improvement.

Hey, at least we finished in the top 1/4 of the event and it added points to our overall standings. Holla.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Blogged Out?

Since I've joined Twitter and Facebook, I must confess that my blogging has definitely taken a hit. Blogging is like having to write a paper in class - it takes a while to put the thing together. For me, this means it's gotta be just so. Clean writing, funny content and good pictures copied in from google images. Twitter is so easy and fast. Plus I get to follow all my hip hop posse like Rev Run, Snoop Dogg, Shaq, and Kanye (who is a terrible singer by the way - what is he thinking?).

Facebook is somewhere in the middle. I can post something on FB and it stays around for a while.

Blogging.....I love to do it, but at times I feel like I have writers block. It's easier to just plop down on the couch and watch TV or flip open the laptop adn surf untill 3am (yeah, sick I know).

Some cool things on the horizon...

Kids are coming to town for Mother's Day. Alec and Tiffany are driving down on Friday for a long weekend. Tiff flies back on Sunday, and Alec will spend a few extra days here in LV. We're going to play golf and he's going to get his med school applications knocked out.

Sunday is Mothers Day of course and it's also my mother's 71st birthday. She is in amazing shape. She loves to take a nice long walk each day and loves to cook for her grandsons.

I played client golf this week. This is always an interesting day on the links. Usually the people are take to play get out a couple of times a year - that's it. "When's the last time you guys played?" I asked, walking up to the first tee.
"With you. Last year."

Uh oh. This was going to be a long round.

Surprisingly, the gang wasn't that bad. We ended up having a great time. They knew to pick up the ball and keep play moving along. When they hit balls into ponds, backyards, and bushes, instead of issuing an Amber Alert trying to find their lost golf balls they just dropped a new ball and moved on. PERFECT!

We didn't keep an official score, but I'm pretty sure I shot a 78 with a nice birdie on 18. Watch out Davey.

Corporate Challenge continues next week for me.....coed tennis. I opted out on the singles only because one of he younger fella's wanted a crack at it. I granted him his wish. Plus, it's starting to get really hot out here. 90 degrees and singles? No thanks. Not anymore.

Watching Lakers-Rockets now. I'm basically sick of the NBA, but I'd like to see LeBron win the title. The guy looks like he is having a blast playing basketball for a living. He's always laughing and high-fiving his teammates and fans which is so nice compared to the cardboard cutout figures that usually grace ESPN highlights; golfers who don't smile and walk around the course with a permanent scowl etched on their face, tennis players who don't smile or laugh and act like 5 year olds in Toys 'R Us when calls don't go their way, and then of course, baseball players. Apparently it is considered poor sportsmanship to hit a home run and be happy about it. Should one celebrate a home run with too much exhuberance, it is incumbent upon the pitcher of the opposing team to throw alittle heat up near the head of the guy who hit the home run and was stupid enough to be happy about it. I just don't get it.

That's why I like the NFL. Offensive players make up dance moves to use when they score a touchdown. Even if the NFL wants to curtail these celebrations, I'm all for them. College football also has great tradition and people who laugh, smile and act like they are having a good time. Nothing beats college football for that. I just wish the refs would let the kids show off alittle after scoring a td.

Look at stock car racing - why is it so popular? Because fans have the opportunity to meet their favorite drivers who actually pose with them for pictures and SMILE. they sign stuff, and BS with people. No wonder their fan base keeps growing.

Lakers up by 13. Doesn't look good for the Rockets? And where is McGrady? The guy is getting paid some $17 million bucks a year and is on the sidelines in a suit?