Wednesday, January 5, 2011


And to think the Y2K bug was all that 11 years ago. Time flies.

I'm glad to put 2010 in the rear view mirror for a myriad of reasons and look forward to a healthy and exciting 2011.

2010's highs and lows were a bit of a rollercoaster ride that I hadn't experienced in decades. I left a job where I spent 22+ years to start my own company during the greatest recession in a generation (or 2). Leaving my former place of employment was a difficult decision and caused much strife within the extended family with whom I used to work with. At the end of the day, it's just a job and our family relationships are far more important than where I go M-F. I'm glad and fortunate that we've been able to move on and keep the family together - time is a good healer.

My nephew and business partner and I continue to work much harder than we ever imagined. Starting a business from scratch required significantly more effort than we ever thought. We laugh about it now, but 6 months ago we were just 2 guys sitting in an empty room with a table and 2 chairs....leftover from the previous tenant. The only breathtaking technology we possessed were our cellular phones. As days and weeks went by, we found ourselves ordering furniture, computers, software, copiers, printers, office supplies and meeting with internet providers, graphic artists and ad agency folks. Slowly but surely things moved along.....we even wrote a national account in 2010 that helped put us on the map - a small dot on a big map but on the map nonetheless. We hope to build on the success we had in 2010....time will tell. We're happy and laugh a lot - so we have that going for us....which is nice.

2010 also saw Alec graduate from the U of Utah with a degree in physics and be accepted to medical school. He is in heaven learning all the things needed to become a physician and I'm very happy for he and his wife.

Jake's return in late, late '09 allowed us to spend 2010 with him again after serving 2 years in Ecuador on a church mission. Having him around means we laugh a lot, talk sports a lot and watch a lot of ESPN. He's enjoying his time working as a student manager for the Runnin' Rebel basketball team. He too is working harder than I believe he thought this postion would require.....he's gone at least 6 days a week plus attending UNLV. His plate is full and he's a wonderful son.

The biggest and best news of 2010 was the birth of our granddaughter Reese in September. She is a blessing to our family and having spent the past 5 weeks here in Las Vegas, it was VERY hard to see her leave and go back to Northern Nevada with her parents. Thanks to technology, we're able to skype and see pictures of her almost daily.

As the year wound down, as always, I reflected on the highs and lows of 2010 and while the emotional rollercoaster went higher, sped faster and lower than ever, it also allowed me to see what I am made a father, grandfather, husband, son, brother, in-law, businessman and friend. Adversity is a good teacher and 2010 provided plenty of challenges yet also some of the most wonderful events a human being can experience.

Hail 2010 - you weren't just were GREAT.

Here's to a more of the same in 2011.